Radio Drill Preperation Survey

Hello NET members:

We are going to do a radio test soon. This is intended to be an opportunity to practice radio skills and to see if we can communicate throughout the neighborhood on FRS/GMRS. To participate in this test you will have to borrow an FRS/GMRS (2 Watt) radio from us before the test (unless you already have one) and that for about a half hour you would have to walk somewhere close to your home with a radio, turn it on, tune it to channel 4, check in when prompted, and stay there until the test is complete. At the beginning of the test you will hear something like “This is NET control for the Hayhurst Neighborhood emergency team conducting a radio test. If you are not part of this test please give us a clear channel for the next half hour. If you must have access to this channel, please come back now. PAUSE. Ok for members of this test, I will be calling your location numbers sent to you in the last email. When you hear your number, please respond with “NET control this is number (your number) at the location (give street location). Over.

To set up for this test, please respond to this survey with answers to the following questions.

Randy Brown
6111 SW 33rd Place
Portland, OR 97239